At Silk Road Digital Marketing, our mission is to help small businesses survive the transition into the digital age. Transferring your business online is crucial to evolving with consumer trends not only for the future, but for recovery from the devastating blow of 2020. We wish to contribute to our connected society by helping the entrepreneurs who make such an impact on our local and global communities by building the digital connections needed to take their companies to the next level. Your success truly is our passion

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Services that cater your needs and help your business grow.

Three tiers of service for every stage of your growth. Our model is designed to help your business scale upward and build long lasting, valuable digital connections that yield a true return on investment.

why work with us?

Our intention in opening SRDM is to provide true value and content for people who are ready to build a stronger future for their business.

In today’s competitive market, businesses benefit from having an online presence and with the right management, even the smallest company can have a big audience. We want to connect you to the people who need you and we understand what you need and how to get you there.

Data Driven

We conduct our research in a very comprehensive manner to ensure we cover all bases when building strategies for you. This allows us to find opportunities that may not be otherwise apparent. We double check our efforts and KPI’s regularly to make sure everything is going as expected and if it isn’t, we know how to pin-point the issue and restructure quickly.

Well Informed

We are consistently networking with the community and industries we represent to ensure we are ahead of trends and technology updates that would affect our client’s campaign. We strive to gain the competitive edge, always.


We have years of experience in digital marketing and business management and can understand the perspective of a business owner looking to get real results from a marketing investment. We know how to get you those results while staying in alignment with the core values of your company.


We aim to offer honest, direct, and helpful services that combine our expertise to benefit others and their livelihood. We are here to help expand your influence in digital media and maximize your marketing efforts to ensure your business flourishes. We are proud to celebrate small business and genuinely want to be a part of your growth.

Client Testimonials

We are honored to be recognized for our mission while living it through our clients. Hear what one of our clients has to say about their experience on the Silk Road. 

As small business owners, especially in a global pandemic, it was imperative that we found any means to keep our business alive and thriving! 

Enter Lucy and Katia: The Silk Road Digital Marketing Team. 

Now whenever you read digital marketing you never really know what that can entail for YOUR business. There’s a lot of questions that can arise which can lead to hesitation about whether marketing in the digital age can help your brand without losing its character. 

For our small business, our brand is everything. We care for it and hone it in the most hard-working way by connecting to each one of our customers personally. But when a global pandemic forced us to close our doors to the public for several months, we had to create a different avenue for our customers to shop with us. 

We worked endlessly in quaratine to make an online store with as much of our brand’s personality and warmth as you would experience in-person. We did a good a job. When we teamed up with Silk Road, good turned into greatness! And most importantly they gave us relief and HOPE. 

Not only did they set a plan of action immediately to get our online presence more visibility, but planned our future together so that the hope of thriving as a small business again was possible and even better  because of their team knowledge. Their transparency of how our investment would equal results was clear, concise, and approachable. Their work ethic matched ours, never settling for anything but the best. Trusting them with our online business was one of the most gratifying choices in 2021!

Audrey *k Boutique, Burbank CA

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